Monday, December 29, 2008

Warning...You Are Entering a Business Dead Zone....

WARNING!! You are entering the business dead zone....

That vacuum is what we call the last week in December. As the wrath of the main holiday is over and we are left in a steaming pile of gift wrap, clutter, and lethargy, we struggle to get back into our routines. And, there is more!! Here comes the New Year's holiday. Oy!

The short week between the Christmas holidays and New Year's Day is a business dead zone. While there are people who work this week, many don't and vacation times make many desks empty. What does this mean for you? It means that you cannot move forward with much that involves other business associates, whether they are vendors, employees, or customers.

In my many years in the corporate business world, I discovered early on that business does not crank up from the holidays (here in the US, at least) until about January 15. People are recovering from the holidays and are slow to get into their routines. Years ago, I quit the frustration of trying to “do business” during this time and started PLANNING for this welcomed slow time.

This is a GOOD TIME for:

  • Remembering your customers, writing notes
  • Nurturing your online marketing plan
  • Updating, checking all of your online venues for policies
  • Continuing education
  • Updating and researching certifications
  • Creating new products
  • Planning out new services
  • Catching up on administrative work, like taxes, data input
  • Updating your business plan (yes, you heard me!!)

For my marketing consulting business, I am planning out my scheduling and working on obtaining new clients locally.

For my online jewelry business, I am implementing and nurturing my online marketing plan that is outlined in my business plan (yes, you heard me!!).

This is the time to make the slower business activity work to your advantage!

Even though you may not make the sales you desire, what better time to use this vacuum than to enhance your business through planning that will increase your business throughout 2009! Happy New Year!

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