Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Know Your Selling Venues - Bonanzle?

I came across this excellent review of as a selling venue from

The link to the was posted in a comment on another great review of Bonanzle by the Rose Works Jewelry blog. Rose Works Jewelry has done some good focus group marketing on forums by soliciting comments about experiences on selling venues.

The Rose Works Jewelry Selling Venue Series is still ongoing so check back there to see if she reviews your selling venues. As of this writing, there are reviews on Bonanzle and Etsy, as well as a growing list of selling venues and a post about the series.

In addition, at Indie CEO, you can see a comprehensive list of 47 selling venues put together by GalleriaLinda over the last year.

GalleriaLinda has a shop on Bonanzle and I find many unique features offered to sellers. Although Bonanzle is not a "handmade only" venue, you will find professional sellers of all kinds of merchandise, including handmade and vintage. According to and, Bonanzle is making great strides with traffic and seller shops for the seven months they have existed.

Try them out! You will love some of the features, such as such one-page listing process, image-cropping, live chat in the store, price and description estimator, and options to receive instant messages (IM) through AIM, Gmail, MSN or other networks. You have options for local pick ups and an option to take offers on your items or a fixed price.

It is free to list as many items as you wish and are allowed four photos for each item. A final value fee is charged only when items sell.

All-in-all, my few week's experience with GalleriaLinda at Bonanzle has been great in setting up shop and the live chat facilitates getting to know your fellow sellers. It is like walking down the mall and popping in for a quick "Hi!"


  1. Thank you so much for the links back to my blogging series on selling venues! Have a great day :)

  2. Glad to have another fine booth like this to shop at on Bonanzle. The live chat is just one great feature on the site, one of the others is someone is always running a sale they call a Bonanza. This is difenately going to be the site to watch in 2009.

  3. Thanks RoseWorks! I am following your selling venue series!

    Renagades - I agree that Bonanzle is going to be mainstream vey soon. I need to try that Bonanza feature and need to plan a date.