Saturday, November 28, 2009 Feature on IndieCEO

IndieCEO was featured on! Part 1 has been published and part 2 is to come, so stay tuned! We talked about my GalleriaLinda Contemporary Handmade Beaded and Silver Wire Jewelry online business, the shops I have for GalleriaLindaLoft's vintage, supplies, and other things, as well as my marketing communications background and why I put it all together to start IndieCEO.

Written by Wendy T. Gibson, the Crafty Canadian, who makes crafts, writes about crafts and coordinates crafty events, I was honored to be sought out for this feature. We actually did the interview via Google Chat, which was second best to talking in person. We talked about all kinds of things outside of the feature focus and chatted about crafting, backgrounds, and other things for over an hour.

Wendy is a columnist for and is a former award-winning Event Coordinator for Michaels, the Arts & Crafts store. She has taught beading classes designed and sponsored by BeadStyle Magazine and has managed a bead store, a ceramic studio, a scrapbooking store and a second-hand bookstore. She also started and manages the Peterborough Downtown Craft Market in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, and Wendy sells handmade online too.