Monday, December 29, 2008

The Ice is Broken by The Jeweled Rabbit

Congratulations to JeweledRabbit who bravely stepped forward where no man has gone before to be the very first to follow the INDIE CEO blog!

JeweledRabbit is from one of my favorite countries, Canada, and is a fellow jewelry lover. Take a look at JeweledRabbit's friendly blog for warmth, information, and a fabulous post on Twitter web tools! What better way to start your business new year?

Visit The Jeweled Rabbit on ArtFire for exciting jewelry and tell her that GalleriaLinda sent ya!

Your friend and fellow Indie CEO,


  1. You're going to make my head swell if you keep on tweeting this post. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  2. Hahahaha....tweeting this post is a tweet for the blog. :-)