Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are You Rolling The Dice with Your Advertising?

No one wants to waste money, the least of which is business money for a very small business owner. Are you rolling the dice with your advertising dollars? Hit or miss? Whether you advertise online, offline, or both, it is important to plan your markets.

To small online sellers, that means we need to know who our customer is and where they can be found. When that is determined, we must go through the exercise of researching advertising opportunities within that demographic.

Artists and crafters especially can be unaware of this important step. I read in forums all the time about sellers sharing their advertising success and missteps, regardless of product, customer demographic, or price category. If you sell little girls' hair bows and have great success with advertising on several blogs, it is likely that my jewelry is not targeted to that audience. Although sellers have a kind heart and want to share what they know, it is important for you to step back and ask "is this where the customers for my products are?"

Basic marketing is truly not rocket science but requires that we think through our decisions. Here are a couple of out-of-the-box conceptual ideas of where to find customers online or offline for a variety of handmade products to jump-start your thinking for your own products:
  • Handmade hats, crochet, knitted, felted-cold climates, cold weather sports gatherings, colleges/universities,
  • Little girl hair bows-dance schools, pageants, first communion outfits, children's photographers
  • Home decor pillows-independent interior designers and decorators, model home stagers, home staging consultants
  • Photography-tourist shops, independent interior designers, home stagers, model home designers
  • Journals and Diaries-college students, poetry reading groups, English teachers/assistants
I hope you get the picture. Brainstorm about who would love and use your product. Then, think out-of-the-box about where they are!


  1. All very true! If I may add, the second part of that is visibility You need to understand the demographic you are marketing to in order to know how to optimize for search engine visibility as well.

  2. Great post. This definitely gets me thinking about where my customers are...

  3. Hello, I wanted to leave a comment for you because I've really enjoyed having a nose around your site. You have great pictures and you write really well too.

    Thank you for sharing and best wishes, have a lovely weekend

  4. Thanks, Keith and Shannon!

    Elise, you have a really interesting blog about the world of dance. Thank you for your kind comments!

  5. Hey there, thanks for the follow! Glad I came across your blog - lots of great topics!

    This is so true - advertising is expensive and often a gamble for small business owners. There's lots of great free advertising opportunities available out there now if you just use a little creativity!

    Looking forward to your posts! :)

  6. very good points. And thanks for giving direct ideas for us. I'm going to have to do some reading around your site, I just discovered it today through entrecard.