Sunday, June 21, 2009

Online Sellers Can Have Economical Computer Resources!

For those of you who may have missed a previous list of good computer utilities and software offered on the Internet for is a refined list for you!

These can be useful for any small business, but are especially useful for online sellers who do not have the resources to purchase hundreds of dollars of computer programs in order to manage their listing process.

I have not tried all of them but have been gathering them from recommendations from personal contacts at large corporations, forum users, and technical experts. Some are online, others are downloads.

These are all available for Windows. A very few may be available for MACs. If you have any to add that you know are "clean," post here and I will add them! They are FREE!!

I use a variety of these for my Contemporary Beaded and Silver Wire Jewelry shop - GalleriaLinda, and find them to be excellent choices!

Knowledge, Computer Tips, Q&A - User Friendly

Computer & Online Education
• ($25/month, no contract, unlimited access to ALL learning - a GREAT resource - sample training videos here: - highly recommended - I purchase one month about once a year and learn!)

Computer Maintenance and Protection - install and use all (Good, robust, free programs recommended by my computer tech) (good, free antivirus - USE IT!) - deletes temp files, frees up space - more excellent choices

Free Email Addresses

Business Suite (word processing, spreadsheet, etc...)

PDF Generators

Graphics Editors (robust alternative to Photoshop)

Animated GIFS (usable for online ads)

Advanced Graphic Layout -save as .eps, not open .eps files. Can edit Illustrator files

Business Charts Gantt Charts (timelines)

Convert a PDF to a Word Document

File Extension Viewer

Share/Sync Files from Another Computer

Send Large Files via Link

Covert File to Another Format

Make Full Screen Shots of Web Pages

Stock Photos (free or cheap)

Free Web Pages

Conversions Convert Anything to Anything Else Metric & English Conversions Convert Anything to Everything

Glue Advice! Glue "This" to "That"

ZIP Utility (zip up multiple files into one file) (QuickZip)

Find "Spyware-Free" Software and Utilities Here:

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