Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Utilize Help and Information From Your Selling Venues

One of the ways online sellers can benefit from marketing and selling success strategies is through the selling venues that they use. You can find a lot of selling, promotional, and marketing tips in the venue's documentation that is very valuable!

The forums on each of the venues becomes a treasure trove of shared experiences about everything for selling online. Use it! Even if you just read, you will gain such valuable information that you can use. Read, read, read.

Today, I want to introduce the Sellers' Boot camp going on right now at!

Sellers' Boot camp is a new admin-supported program started by Christine of PillowThrowDecor for sellers on! Check out the forum for lots of details on the Sellers' Boot camp program.

Christine not only produces the most elegant pillows for your home, but she is also a sales expert that creates energy that motivates!

She is the one that started the awesome "Odd Sock" category to move merchandise. Check out PillowThrowDecor's "Odd Sock" deals - unbelievable!
The Sellers' Boot camp program goes for 28 days with assignments for each day that will help you fill your promotional "bag of tricks" by the end of the month. The idea is to get into the habit of spending up to 30-45 minutes a day doing things that will help sales.

Retired from another career, Christine states that a part of her professional background is in sales training. She states, "As independent business people it is all about accountability. I do much better when I know there is a team of people marching along with me every day and are as committed as I am to doing assigned activities!

If you are considering trying as your handmade selling venue, now is the time! Remember, if you use a referral number when you pay your one-time registration fee, you receive six months of shop fees free for an unlimited number of items! Shop fees are very reasonable. In case you need one, GalleriaLinda's referral number is: 1c28439c38!

Must to boot camp!!


  1. Great post!! Am back from the latest computer meltdown with a brand new things should settle down for me. Want to get the most of the bootcamp - your image cracked me up!
    I have so far to go with this stuff...

  2. Great article Linda! I'm with you! Icraft is a great site and we are lucky to have such a supportive admin who is as interested in our success as we are. I'm thrilled with the sales I have already made and the friends that I have me. We are all so lucky to have your computer and marketing expertise too!..I especially like my brand new website thanks to you. Yay icraft! Yay Bootcamp! Yay Gallerialinda!

  3. Icraft is an excellent venue to be selling on!
    I love that everything found there is handmade! And Thank you so much to Christine for putting together the bootcamp & allowing me to participate in it.

  4. Thanks you all! I have never participated in such a great sellers' program before. I am truly learning some new tricks and I agree that the iCraft admin are so supportive. That is half the battle with venues.

  5. I also love the iCraft venue. So much so that I have paid up for the coming year! It's a great place to be! Great article!

  6. What a great article!!

    I've had a shop on for a year and love the visual appeal.

    It's great to have a Canadian online venue.

    Thanks for telling the world!

  7. Bootcamp has been great for helping me discover new ways to promote my shop. Plus it's building a sense of community at icraft. Thanks for sharing about it!

  8. Wow, how did you get that picture? That's awesome! Great write up on Seller's Bootcamp. It's a wonderful thing that the host site, iCraft, is so supportive!

  9. Great comments, everyone. I am excited that we all are getting so much out of this!

  10. Triple LUV sellers bootcamp!!! Thanx Linda! :)