Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If You Haven't Told Them 57 Times, You Haven't Told Them At All

There is an old saying among ad agencies, "If you haven't told them 57 times, you haven't told them at all." How well are you communicating your messages to your customers?

I think this is an area of customer communication where we all have challenges - getting the message out so people remember what we said. We should (1) tell them what we are going to tell them, (2) tell them, then (3) tell them what we told them.

For example, let's pretend that you are going to start a new product line called Funky Widgets...your 3-pronged message plan could be:

1. Tell them what you are going to tell them

Coming Soon! Our new product line, Funky Widgets, is launching in March, 2009. Watch for the announcement, as you won't want to miss this! It will be fabulous......etc...

2. Tell them

Announcing the anticipated launch of our new product line, Funky Widgets! They are unique and lovable because.....etc...

3. Tell them what you told them

We hope you have not missed the opportunity to try our new product line, Funky Widgets! They will make your life wonderful! etc...

Each phase of this communication matrix can be deployed to outlets on your standard media list. Your media list is simply a list of places where you will promote your message.

Your media list can include online and offline "outlets" (places), such as specific blogs, your web site, multiple social networking sites, YouTube, photo sharing sites, forums, your shop announcements, advertisements, press releases, grocery store bulletin boards, free shopper classifieds in your town, and any other avenues you have for message distribution. Use your media list for each of the three phases.

With so many distractions in the media today, it is important to keep punching out your message in frequency and in a variety of methods. People absorb information in different ways and not all methods will work well on one person. The repetition of the message in different forms will be more successful than using one form.

Consider your messages in a variety of forms:
  • Print/Collateral (advertisements, press releases, coupons, postcards, flyers, samples of products, B&M store bulletin boards, etc...)
  • Online Reads (email newsletters, blogs, web site content, article submissions, shop announcements, social media, forums, etc...)
  • Online Visual Graphic Placements (Project Wonderful, web site, blogs, social media)
  • Online Video or Photo Slide Shows (YouTube,, social media, etc...
  • Online Photos (Flickr and other photo sharing sites, social media, etc...)
  • Online Audio (podcasts, audio with your short videos, etc...)

The next time you have a great message to deploy, think about your frequency and repetition of message, as well as the method of message distribution. Plan it for the greatest success!

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  1. More great advice, I'll have to share it with my brother for his new business.

  2. Great post. I have a small online indie shop and this advice certainly comes in handy

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