Thursday, February 12, 2009

Community Directed Development - Does It Really Work? Would You Participate?

I had never heard the term "community directed development," but it is what drives From a business-branding standpoint, this is critically unique in the industry!

From ArtFire's mission found at "Community Directed Developement Puts Members in Control," I found this description interesting:

"....This type of social media, e-commerce, and community fusion has never been attempted or accomplished until now! CDD’s aggressive real time adaptation and implementation is much like putting a half built boat in to the water and assembling it while at sea; turbulence and challenge is expected and responsiveness is critical to success."

Do you like to be a unique part of the building process for a site that services sellers, as well as customers?

If you like this type of "give and take" selling environment, then ArtFire as a selling venue is worth consideration for your primary or secondary selling venue for handmade and vintage!

If you sign up with ArtFire from links on this blog...and you are verified as signed up with GalleriaLinda as your sponsor, and you post a comment, then GalleriaLinda gives you an opportunity for:
  • Free advertising for your own "free ride ArtFire shop" on 1 web site and 2 blogs
  • a drawing from a group of only 10 people to receive a custom marketing plan by Indie CEO for your unique business needs (see criteria here)

Here is an update from Indie CEO's post "ArtFire Shop & Free Custom Marketing Plan. How Can You Go Wrong?:

  • 3 new verified ArtFire shops attributed to GalleriaLinda
  • 2 new unverified ArtFire shops attributed to Gallerialinda (count only if they become verified)

Think about it! And, be sure to check out these Indie CEO resource pages:

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Open source and freeware software and utilities
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