Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Know What is Working For YOU with Google Analytics

The indie arts blogosphere is all a-twitter about Google Analytics this last week! Two top selling venues recently added Google Analytics to their features for sellers.

ArtFire.com rolled out Google Analytics for their sellers a few weeks ago. Etsy.com just announced the working feature last week. The bugs are being worked out on the Etsy site so please keep up-to-date on their fixes so you can know when you are getting accurate information.

Google Analytics (GA) is a FREE web utility from Google. To access GA, you will need to create a free GA account. Once the account is set up, you can add any number of web sites or blogs to be tracked.

Why does it matter to you? Because, Google Analytics...

  • Tracks your "hits" to each page of your web site or to your blog
  • Tracks where you are getting your hits from in terms of referring web sites, searches, countries, and more
  • Tracks how long visitors stay on your site (hit and run? Or hit and interested enough to stay?)
  • Tracks key words that were used in searches that took someone to your web site
  • Tracks international traffic
  • Offers even more - a huge amount of information about your online visitors and their habits relative to your online sites

I cannot tell you how critical this information is to your future marketing plans. Someday, you will be glad you did this. If you are still not convinced of the value, go ahead and get set up now, even if you don't address it for a year or two. You will have the traffic history.

For example, my GalleriaLinda web site had not been getting many hits in the last 2 years. I had not "worked it" either, so no wonder. (That is a testimony to why you need to promote)!

Now that I am paying attention to my web site traffic, I can see where visitors come from, how long they stay, and what pages are of interest.

Here is a practical example to illustrate what I mean:

  • I joined Facebook about 6 months ago and have had one hit on my web site from my Facebook page.
  • I joined twitter about 3 weeks ago and use it to network and promote. Over half of my hits to my web site and 2 blogs now come from twitter.
  • So, I guess I want to continue twitter! And….Facebook not so much.

Those are the kinds of decisions that help you to funnel your energy and costs into what works. That is why it is important.

This past week, I have read a variety of blog posts about GA from online sellers since Artfire and Etsy offered the feature. Three posts I found are so excellent that I have listed them here as a resource for you.

TheTinyFig, who makes the cutest illustrations on accessories and stickers, is on Artfire and Etsy.

LivnGoodJewelry, who makes the most beautiful chainmaille jewelry, is found on Etsy and on 1000Markets.com.

TheTinyFig offers a great tutorial on how to set up Google Analytics in both of your Artfire and Etsy stores.

Tips and Tricks:
LivnGoodJewery expands to offer excellent tips, tricks, and important things to know about Google Analytics.

Inside Look into Google Analytics for your Etsy Shop
TimothyAdamDesigns has consistent and useful online promotion tips and tutorials that are clear and easy to understand. Check out TimothyAdamDesigns new video on "An Inside Look into Google Analytics for your Etsy Shop."

Contemporary metal jewelry is found in the TimothyAdamDesigns' Artfire and Etsy shops.

I have added these blogs to the blog roll on the left because they offer many business subjects that will help you!

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